Do what you lve. Let us take care of the rest.

We are an on-demand agency service for an approved community of artists

Performing Artists

Are you an actor or model?

Creative Artists

Are you a photographer, fashion stylist, hair stylist or makeup artist?

Performing & Creative Artists are using Starcast to create a crisp online profile, get promoted instantly to talent seekers, and negotiate the best deals possible.

Make your presence felt


Link all your existing profiles, pages and social media accounts together under one roof.


Include your professional name in your profile’s web address to enhance your brand with talent seekers.


Easy to set up. Easy to share. Create your free, one-page profile in no time and share instantly across multiple platforms.

Seize the opportunity

Get Pitched

Once approved, your details are shared across our extensive network of verified talent seekers for potential opportunities.

Get Promoted

We personally follow up on the recommendations we make to ensure that talent seekers have had a chance to consider you for all you’re worth.

Get Updated

We follow up on the projects that you’re in consideration for, to ensure that you get timely and transparent feedback, so you’re no longer left wondering whether to release your dates or not.

Rise and shine

Don’t like negotiating for yourself?

Too often the artist doesn’t get paid the amount they could get, either because they don’t know what they can quote without losing the job, or simply due to the sheer discomfort of insisting on a price for oneself. With our industry expertise, let us ensure you never get a raw deal again.

Can’t be bothered tracking your dates?

God knows it’s a pain. Let us maintain a record of all your commitments, so you never have to wonder about your availabilities again, or worry about missing that all-important meeting.

Tired of chasing after your own hard-earned money?

We’ve been there. Not only will we create and send out the invoices, we will follow up on all your pending payments so you never have to. Go ahead, you can breathe that sigh of relief now.

How It Works

Step 1.

Create a profile with your skills, links & portfolio. It’s free and yours to keep, forever!

Step 2.

Once approved, we manage you on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

Step 3.

You are free to focus on creating your art, while we take care of the rest!

Exclusive v/s Non Exclusive

Exclusive clients are talent who are looking for artist management services consistently hereon for all their future projects.

Non-exclusive clients are talent who are looking for artist management services on a project-by-project basis only.

Once you create your Starcast Profile, and subject to our internal verification and approval process, you will be accepted as a non-exclusive client, by default. This means that you can now choose to engage our artist management services, on-demand, if and when you want to. No strings attached!

Depending on your profile, we may make an offer of exclusive representation to you, and it is entirely up to you to accept our offer, or remain as a non-exclusive client.

Don’t need our artist management services? No problem! You can still create your sleek and smart Starcast profile to update talent seekers with all your relevant details in a professional manner.


Your profile is free and yours to keep, forever! And we certainly do not charge anything for pitching your Starcast Profile to our verified and extensive network of professional talent seekers.

If we make you an offer to be an exclusive client, and you accept our offer, we will take a commission of 15% on every job you book thereafter.

If you remain as a non-exclusive client, we take a 20% commission on only those jobs that you choose to avail our services for.

We provide the same set of services to both our exclusive and non-exclusive clients, on a commission-only basis. There are no other hidden charges or costs.