A community to connect with veterans & fellow actors

We are a group of working actors, veteran actors and actors who have come together to share our experience, acting craft expertise, professional knowledge and support so that we may all become better at what we love to do.

Everyone was new in Mumbai, we are here to share and learn from each others experiences

Your family away from home

Learn from experiences

We bring working actors, veteran actors and casting directors onto the platform every day at night 8:00pm, ask them anything! Right from how they found place to stay to how they found first break

Learn about the craft

Discuss and share your clips with each other and get feedback in real time, learn and discuss how to present yourself better

Help the community

Help the community in general on every aspect of life in Mumbai, we are here to help each other. Find out places to stay, share about upcoming auditions and much more! We are a family :)

Who is behind this?

Starcast was born out of the need of a community of all artists trying to make it big in this city of dreams and having someone to rely upon and being guided by. The community is driven by

Raghav Chanana
Casting Manager

How to Join

A nominal fee of Rs.199 is charged per month to keep the spammers away, join the community by clicking the button below, you will get an email on how to proceed.