What is Starcast?

Starcast is an on-demand agency & management service for artists.

Who is it for?

Professional actors, models, photographers, fashion stylists, hair stylists and make-up artists.

How does it work?

Whether you’re about to quote or negotiate fees, dates and logistics, or you’re having difficulties in retrieving monies owed to you by a producer, just call us at +91 96301 49321 and we’ll be at your service. Only once we lock the deal and receive the funds do we take a standard commission for the services provided to you.

How much commission do you charge?

15% for exclusive clients. 20% for non-exclusive clients.

What do you mean by exclusive and non-exclusive clients?

Exclusive clients are artists who want to engage our services on every single project they do.

Non-exclusive clients are artists who want to have the choice whether to engage our services or not, on a project-by-project basis.

What do I join as- an exclusive or non-exclusive client?

All our clients start as non-exclusive clients, by default, so they retain the choice to engage our services or not, on a case-by-case basis.

Do exclusive clients get better or more services than non-exclusive clients?

Our services remain the same for all our clients, whether exclusive or non-exclusive.

It’s just that exclusive clients tend to work on a highly frequent basis and therefore prefer to pay a lower commission for each project by contracting our services for the long term.

How do I join Starcast?

In order for us to assist you with your goals, we first need to get a sense of your skills, experience and characteristics, through the following:

For actors and models:


For photographers, fashion stylists and hair & makeup artists:

Is there any registration fee to join Starcast?

No. In fact, you get a free profile to promote yourself professionally to talent seekers.

What if I want to be an exclusive client with Starcast?

You’re most welcome to apply. We only need to ascertain the frequency of your work to determine that it warrants an exclusive relationship with Starcast.

Once you create your Starcast profile, you can contact us to request a meeting to explore an exclusive client relationship with us.

Will you get me work?

We will periodically recommend you to our extensive network of verified talent seekers in the industry. The decision to invite you to an audition rests with them, and is often based on the merit of your talent and suitability for the role at hand.

Will you charge me a higher commission if you have recommended me for the project?

No. We don’t think it’s fair to charge a higher commission for merely recommending our clients for a project. That is an organic part of our agency and management service.

Are there any other charges or hidden costs?

No. We only charge a commission based on the service we provide. So we get paid only when you get paid.

Who will be managing me?

Our agents and managers have been handpicked based on their extensive industry experience in negotiations and dealings with production houses, as well as with performing and creative artists. They know the ins and outs of this business and will be able to guide you based on their experience.

How do I know I can trust you?

Our process is totally transparent. We will never do anything without seeking your approval first. And in the spirit of maintaining complete transparency, you are always welcome to check our internal records pertaining to your pitches, projects and payments.

What range of services can I expect from Starcast?

We are a team of agents and managers that are here to help you grow in your career.

While you do what you love, we take care of the following:

Negotiation. Whether it’s dates, rates or logistics, too often artists get short-changed in the fear of losing a project. We understand our clients’ background and expectations, so we can get them the deal they deserve.

Following up on monies. It’s a constant headache for artists to keep asking to be paid their pending dues. That is where we come to your rescue to make sure that we periodically follow up to retrieve money that’s owed to you, so you never have to.

Advice. Many a time, artists don’t know how best to take their career forward. It’s hard to be objective about oneself or one’s own career. We offer paid hourly consultations to our clients on any professional concerns or queries they may have.

Making connections. Whether it’s a casting director, a dermatologist, or an acting class you’re looking for, we connect you with the service you need to take a step forward towards your career goals.

Recommendations. Artists often hear about relevant projects too late, or never. We ensure that if there is a project that you’re suitable for, you will be recommended for it.

I have a question that’s not shown here. How can I contact you?

If you need an answer to any other query, please contact us here and we’ll respond to you at the earliest opportunity.

You can also call us at +91 91360 49321 between 10am - 7pm, Mon-Fri, if you’d like to speak to a representative.